Across all disciplines, large or small, land, sky or sea, Katharina’s strength and devotion lies in the creation of concepts, the centre of which is always the individual. For her, a client’s personality is the ultimate inspiring power for each project and design.

This strongly conceptual approach carries each of her projects, harmonising with everything from the overall interior architecture down to the smallest detail. Katharina’s interiors manipulate light and space to create environments that feel instinctively comfortable and human, with the individuality of each client coming through in her bespoke furniture, carefully selected vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind artwork. Her innate sense of scale, proportion and balance enables her to create cohesive spaces, where form and function are always one in the same.

Through a creative exchange with her partner, abstract artist Astor Milan Salcedo, Katharina’s uniquely reduced style radiates sensuality and warmth, influenced by art, diversity of colour and a deep love for materials. Each space boasts distinct textures, colours and tactility, balancing clear lines with the need for each space to have its own soul. For Katharina, much of an interior’s soul comes from the craftsmanship within it. She is passionate about working closely with international artisans, to preserve and cultivate the rare techniques and knowledge that are slowly becoming a lost art in this age of mass production.

Whether working with clients with a clear vision or helping other realise theirs, Katharina’s talent lies in her ability to build strong relationships and help create extraordinary concepts that encapsulate the personality of the individual with style.